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Silicon Rubber

HRS, established in 1981, manufactures silicone that can be found in all aspects of our daily lives from the automobile components to advanced industrial materials as well as medical products. The company manufactures with Bayer AG license, it has over than 200 types of products and is also approved supplier of global brands like Hyundai, Samsung and Rotem.

De-Ka Kimya A.Ş, endeavoring to provide full satisfaction of his customers, combines global brands with service quality.

De-Ka Kimya A.Ş, is the main distributor of HRS Silicone in Turkey.

Product Group:

  • HCR (High Consistency Silicone Rubber)
  • LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanisation)
  • SS (Silicone Sheet)
  • Silicone Foam